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Antallege Advice was founded by Anthony Yang in 2022 to help incoming freshmen be better prepared for college and beyond. 

During college, Anthony realized that the most successful students had received an unfair advantage through the network and friends who had provided them with all the secrets about being a "high-value individual". This meant that others, who did not have such connections, were at a disadvantage when it came to finding a job or getting good grades. 

In addition, as someone who had not been to the US until his Freshman year, he, like other international students, was at a much larger disadvantage as he did not know the American system or way of life. He was behind everyone else. 

As a recent graduate from Purdue University, Anthony created Antallege to make the college transition easier, and also make the overall college journey fairer for incoming students who may be at a disadvantage. He hopes that Antallege would provide everyone with equal opportunity for success, no matter where they come from. 

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