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When should I consider your services?

While you are free to consult with our team whenever you feel like it, we suggest that you should begin the process as soon as you have decided that you will be attending college in the US (e.g. after you have accepted an offer).


Our busy season is Late Spring/Early Summer for incoming Fall students, as well as Late Fall for incoming Spring students. Therefore, we'd recommend booking a session with us as soon as possible. 


Will I get value from this if I am an international student? 

Absolutely. In fact, much of the content has been created in the eyes of international students. We will ensure that our team provides you with in-depth material to understand the ins and outs of studying in the US, as well as how to thrive in the country as a local. 


How will the consultation session be conducted?

To ensure we accommodate our services to all clients regardless of where they are, the 1:1 consultation session will be held online. A meeting link will be provided to you via a confirmation email after you have booked and paid for the session. 

After the session, we will provide you with both the executive deck and playbook for your reference. 


What differentiates your services?

We firmly believe that the content we provide is not something that many academic advisers or college admission advisers would know, which are the two common counselors you would meet. 

College admission advisers only help you get into college, but doing well in college is a completely different story. 

College Academic Advisers only help with ensuring you are on track for completing your degree, but many other factors like long-term career paths, skipping hard classes, studying smarter, and adjusting to college life are not their expertise (mainly because they have not been college students for a long time). 

Many of the strategies we will show are known by very few students, either due to the network and family they have, or because they were lucky. We hope to show you these tips and tricks so you too can set yourself up for success with the least effort. 


Can parents join the call? 

Yes! Feel free to add parents to the session. However, we strongly encourage your child also attends the session to maximize the effectiveness of our consultation.


Ideally, it should just be the student that attends the session, but we will allow parents to join too. 

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